rain on window in San Diego
More and more these days, it feels like our homes and offices are getting closer and closer to the sort of “House of the Future” that people envisioned back in the 60s. We might not be the Jetsons, but we do have plenty of automatic or push-button conveniences. From smart thermostats that keep your space
We might not be known for rain here in San Diego County, but that doesn’t mean your windows never get wet. If you live near the coast in Encinitas or Carlsbad, you likely wind up with salt on your windows. Inland in San Marcos or Escondido, water from sprinklers or hoses can hit your windows.
selling your home in 2015
If you’re planning to start the new year in a new place, you’re going to want to be sure your old home has maximum curb appeal. There are plenty of tips and tricks to adding value (and increasing the asking price) of your home, but chances are you don’t have an unlimited budget for home
Many homes and buildings in San Diego county feature a stucco exterior, which gives them a traditional “southwestern” look as opposed to the types of siding that are more common in other parts of the country. Stucco has many great attributes: Cement plaster is fireproof, it’s weather-resistant, it doesn’t decay, and if you don’t want