Cleaning Solar Panels

Solar panels are all the rage and have been very popular in San Diego. And why wouldn’t they be? Living in America’s Finest City it’s not hard to imagine why solar panels have become so popular. We have the perfect climate for solar power. Not only do solar panels help lower your energy bill, but they also help cut emissions from power plants and they are doing their job as long as the suns out, which in San Diego is more often than not. It’s a win for everyone involved. Solar panel cleaning is vital in keeping optimal energy output.

A remedy to this sub-optimal energy output is cleaning your solar panels. However, it can be a tough task to get to your roof to properly clean your solar panels. At Freedom Window Cleaning we provide a solar panel cleaning service throughout San Diego and can help get your panels back into peak operating conditions.

What causes a decline in energy output?

As winds and particles float through the air it is only natural that some of this would land and dirty your solar panels. There might be only a slight decline in output at first, but over time and if neglected you might see a 20-25 percent decline in output. Thus, it is key to practice safe solar panel cleaning.

How often should solar panels be cleaned?

The answer to this question is a little more difficult to answer as it is kind of a case by case basis. It depends on how much it has rained, the angle of your solar panels (if your panels are tilted at a high and steep angle, they then tend to stay cleaner than more horizontal panels). It also depends on how much your electric bill is, if you have a high consumption of electricity and your solar panels are constantly dirty, it may be more worthwhile to clean your solar panels more often. As stated above a large cause of dirty solar panels is wind-blown pollen and dust. If you live in a particularly dusty area solar panel cleaning will be a more frequent necessity.

While solar panel cleaning might not be the most difficult job in the world, it can be a dangerous one. It requires roof work and ladder work. Both of these tasks can be troublesome if you have never worked doing one and can increase in difficulty if you haven’t done either. At Freedom Window Cleaning we are trained professionals with the experience and know how to be safe and efficient when working on your homes solar panels. We are able to take on jobs of any size and are happy to help. As a local San Diego solar panel cleaning service we would be honored to have your business.

If you are tired of your less than optimal performance in your solar panels, then give us a call today. If you want to automate the process we can set up a solar panel cleaning program that will work best for your needs. Don’t wait call now!

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